pertext - a chrome extension

Mar 26, 2012

pertext is a PERT estimation tool as a Chrome extension.

This was pulled from my ideas list and the main motivation was to learn how to create Chrome extensions. What I found out from this little exercise is that a Chrome extension is nothing more than just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript packaged together in a crx file. It’s basically like a static-based website living in your browser. You can have it call out to a server, read data from each browser tab, etc. pertext is just a simple calculator, so everything is localized.

Check out the source code on GitHub and try it out by visiting the Chrome Web Store. I’ve written unit tests for the PERT library using Jasmine, created Rake tasks to essentially package the extension for testing and deployment (modeled off of this Rakefile, and used Braintree’s git workflow with bitbucket as the acting private repo.

All in all, this was a fun little exercise and I look forward to creating another Chrome extension soon.